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This is the home of my Gracepoint Fanfic stories, all of which are crossovers with Doctor Who featuring the Rose Tyler and of course the American dishiest detective of all time - Emmett Carver.

Some have both detectives, Emmett Carver and Alec Hardy and a few have a twist in the tale!

Some stories don't feature Rose Tyler as The Doctor's companion or as David Tennant recently finally confirmed she was his girlfriend but as just an ordinary woman who either chose not to go with him or never met him and in most cases ended up in the coastal town of Gracepoint just before or after Emmett Carver turned the town upside down and either he is gravely ill or just had his heart surgery.

All these stories can be found on but no criticism to them, their server often has periods where it goes down, usually over long holiday weekends so I wanted a central place to keep them all plus a lot are marked for over 18's only which I am currently changing as I wanted to bring them to a teenage audience but none of them will be suitable for under 13's (Sorry but I like the romance between Rose and Emmett, sometimes in disguise as Alec).

This blog will now only feature the descriptions from the stories and a link to the full story on my main blog

There is no adult material in this blog but stories are unsuitable for under 13's

Alec Hardy goes to Gracepoint
Alec Hardy had no choice but to have his operation after he was forced out of his job so instead of going back, he takes the time off he was owed and goes on a trip to a small northern Californian town called Gracepoint only to face déjà vu and meet Rose Tyler, who has been sent to form a local branch of Torchwood. Set in the AU.

Alec Hardy goes on holiday to Gracepoint and instantly regrets getting on the same plane as a certain Rose Tyler and is in for a long flight.  Then he puts his big foot in his mouth and ropes Rose into being his girlfriend to avoid an English hotel owner who is on the prowl and Alec is sure she's related to a certain hotel owner in Broadchurch.  Things get messed up when Alec finds himself mixed up in a local murder investigation reminiscent of the case he had just solved and nearly caused his death.  Can Rose help him this time?

Based more on the events in Broadchurch but without Alec Hardy being involved solving the case.  No characters are named except Alec Hardy and Rose Tyler and a few already established minor ones.

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Are you going to Gracepoint?
Retelling of 'Alec Hardy goes to Gracepoint' with Emmett Carver in the lead role.

Rose Tyler, Torchwood agent, has been on one mission too many and has just escaped serious injury so she is sent to recuperate in a sleepy seaside town called Gracepoint that is about to make headline news for all the wrong reasons – a murder and a new detective in town.

Set in the alternate universe. Has a twist in the tale.

Based loosely on my other story 'Alec Hardy goes to Gracepoint' only this time Rose tells Emmett Carver she is the Vitex heiress but he has never heard of her or Pete but she does not tell the new detective in town what she actually does.  Her stepfather has sent Rose to recuperate after she and her team escape serious injury although one team member is not so lucky.  Rose got away with a muscle injury in her ribs that prevents her taking an active role in things and Pete thinks giving her a month off will help her heal.  Carver thinks she is a spoiled rich girl with more money than sense and she thinks he is the grumpiest man she has ever met when they are on the plane and sparks fly when the town is in turmoil.

Does not contain any spoilers for the  TV series.  Carver is not all he seems to be!

This is set in the alternate universe and obviously after the events of 'Doomsday' for all of you who are wondering!  If she was still in her own world, she wouldn't be the 'Vitex' Heiress would she now?

Read the story here
Rose Tyler and the twin detectives
Alec Hardy wants to return to the Broadchurch Police but has already been replaced so he gets on a plane to a small town in the US called Gracepoint to work with Det. Emmett Carver unaware he is the man's double. The fun starts as they disagree over everything and fight over Rose Tyler, who is working in the town as a reporter, undercover for Torchwood. Crossover with Broadchurch.

Rose Tyler plays a very complicated and dangerous game when she meets Alec Hardy and Emmett Carver in the small town of Gracepoint after both detectives find themselves working at the same precinct and staying at the same hotel and Hardy sets out to steal Rose away from Carver but will Rose give up Carver's secret when Hardy tries to lure her away?

Set with Rose being in the middle of Hardy and Carver and having to choose only one unlike in 'Journey's End' when she was torn between two versions of the Doctor and had her choice made for her.

From Rose's point of view - she never gets back after Bad Wolf Bay.

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The detective and the mystery writer
Rose Tyler is a world famous mystery writer and stepdaughter of Pete Tyler, the Vitex millionaire. Rose reads about the terrible murder in a small town in California and her publisher clears it with the mayor of Gracepoint for her to go over and see how they go about solving it, much to the annoyance of Emmett Carver. Based loosely on the series 'Castle'

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Return to Gracepoint
Emmett Carver was staring out of the window in his precinct surrounded by water he hated being near. Everyone thought he was watching his partner Ellie Miller but he was miles away, thinking of Rose Tyler, the mysterious blonde whom he'd met while she was with her family on vacation and wishing she had stayed and devising a way to get her back.

Inspired by my other story 'A lost love returns' and a scene in Gracepoint where Emmett is watching Detective Miller through the window after her husband had brought their son in for an interview.   He is not just watching her, he is looking to see if Rose has come back without him begging her to.

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